Susanne Trommen Graduate Geographer & Wind Energy Consultant
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Specialised in  wind energy
Focused on the active and successful energy transition

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S. Trommen Eólica
Clean energy for every use
I    am    Susanne    Trommen,    Graduate    Geographer    and    Wind    Energy    Consultant,    born    in Nürnberg/Germany.   I   achieved   at   the   beginning   of   2013   my   ambition   to   go   into   business      in wind energy.  After    my    successful    completion    as    Graduate    Geographer    in    Physical    Geography    at Eberhard    Karls    University    in    Tübingen/Germany,    I    gained    several    years    of    expertise    as Project   Developer   and   Wind   Energy   Consultant.   With   expert   knowledge   in   international wind   energy   projects,   especially   in   Latin   America   (i.a.   Brasil,   Chile,   Mexico)   and   in   Europe (i.a.   Germany,   Rumania,   Sweden,   Spain)   I   dare   to   step   into   wind   energy   market   as   self dependent and committed entrepereneur. I    provide    my    interdisciplinary    knowledge    and    experience    in    meteorology,    climatology, geography, remote sensing, wind energy technologies and wind energy solutions. My   offered   services   as   project   developer   and   wind   consultant   international   are   aimed   to conventional   wind   turbine   generator   techniques   with   horizontal   axis   and   to   the   technical alternative   -   wind   turbines   with   vertical   axis;   as   well   my   offered   services   are   aimed   to   an analytical and project-specific comparision of both wind turbine techniques. My   work   as   project   developer   and   wind   consultant   international   is   carried   out   customer- oriented, accurate, well- thought-out and with competent scientific knowledge. Each   service   will   be   implemented   by   its   best   regarding   individual   site   specific   conditions, available   data   base   and   the   request   of   the   client.   On   demand   I   offer   detailed   documented site analysis inclusive on-site carried out site visits and records by myself.  I   will   gladly   make   you   an   individual   site   specific   proposal.   Please   contact   me   in   this   regard by telephone/Skype or by Email.

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